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Default Re: Fact; Broner is the truth! simple yes or no vote

Was impressive at the weekend. A couple bouts at 135lbs and a move to 140lbs would do his resume wonders. The commentator on boxnation was ****ing awful, naming him amongst the best P4P in the world. Broner hasn't got a name on his resume to even put him close to being in that debate.

From what I seen, he seems to want to prove his defense to be on the level of Mayweather (among other things). But it's kind of a watered down version (which is not to say it is bad, it is very good). An aggressive, relentless boxer who can take Broner's shots will give him trouble. DeMarco found that body and head on occasion. Like I said, not quite on the level of a Mayweather defensively.
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