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Default Re: Anybody know who the ref is for Hatton next week?

Do all British refs have some kind of charge over them?

Dave Parris - questionable cards, trying to give Mitchell more recovery time vs Katsidis
Terry O'Connor - Calzaghe/Manfredo stoppage, brutal cards
Ian John-Lewis - he's a copper, brutal reffing/cards
Phil Edwards - as soon as the away fighter is remotely hurt, in he jumps
Mark Green - allows Africans to have their knackers punched off
Richie Davies - loves the attention gained by *******ing fighters
Howard Foster - watch your t'eads! some brutal stoppages
Marcus McDonnell - the ''Tim Henman'' fistpump

Only leaves John Keane I think. The guy that did Sprott vs Llewellyn (the ''when would you have stopped the fight'' vid on YT) and Larry vs McMuffin - Hines I think his name is, is quite good also.
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