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Default Re: Dislike for Ricky Hatton.

Originally Posted by JamieC View Post
i like him but i think a lot of people dislike him for his constant putting of **** on ppv, and now this after claiming it was "for the fans" cheers ricky i love paying an extra 15 quid and i think a lot of people are ****ed off at his fans for their effect on boxing, if i could go back in time i'd probably kill the guy who first started singing "hatton wonderland" as now i have to hear a version of it at every show
I feel the same when I go to an England match (soccer) and have to listen to

1. The great (MOTHER****ING) escape tune being belted out for the billionth time.
2. Everyone screeching "England til I die"

If only I had been there at the very beginning of both of these things with a high powered hunting rifle, things would be very different for fans attending.

Likewise going to cricket to watch England and having to sit through hours... HOURS.... of the "barmy army" chanting their own "name". Hilarious stuff. Go to the cricket, paint your face up in a 'comedy' way, and screech "BARMY ARRRMY!!!" for hours on end. Because that'll be ****ing "barmy", now won't it?! not boring at all. No.

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