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Default Re: Is Donald Curry underated?

Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
He was a superb fighter.
But he lost to Lloyd Honeyghan and Mike McCallum when he was supposed to be taking over from Marvin Hagler as the world's greatest fighter pound-for-pound. In fact he was tipped to succeed Hagler as middleweight king.

If he's not held in the greatest esteem it's because of his LOSSES in his prime, not necessarily a lack of wins.
Theres a hell of a lot of mitigation to those losses. His ex manager Dave Gorman seemingly hexed him made him do one last unlucrative fight at 147 and he turned up weight drained against the 2nd best WW in the world and got mauled.
Before he fought Mccallum every man and his dog wanted to headbutt him in a fight the way Honeyghan had. The mmcallum defeat was almost a freak one punch loss, but Mccallum set him up and Curry previously a defensive master got careless.
After that he wasnt ever the same physically, seemed to lack confidence, the cobra reflexes and speed. Rosi tried to maul him too but didnt have honeyghans boxings skills and speed behind it. Curry was also easily distracted.

Overall summation a fantastic fantastic boxer. Amazing skills. Should have beaten Mccallum and fought SRL or Hagler.
He would have handled the Brelands and Browns in his prime. And Norris as well.
But he would have always lost to the Nunn that he faced.
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