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Default Re: how much difference does 1 pound make in boxing?

Originally Posted by MAG1965 View Post
in some fights it means everything. Hearns when he fought Leonard in 1981 was 145. Had he been 146, crazy as it sounds it might have given him the energy to make it to 15 rounds. I am not sure of it, but in situations like that it might mean a round or two. Even Hagler being 158 for Leonard in the rematch. A pound might have given him one or two more rounds.
Jack London wrote a good short story about a boxer called "A Piece of Steak." It's about this aging ex-champ who takes a fight with a rising up and comer. He's spent all his money in advance on his debts so he can't even buy a decent meal the day of the fight. With all his experience he nearly knocks the kid out early, but when he loads up and has him rocked he's just missing this tiny bit of strength. The kid comes back and knocks him out because he's just depleted by that point and had no more to give.

I think that 1 pound or that piece of steak represents the small advantage, the little things the fighter didn't do, which might have ensured success, and you think about after the fight back in the hotel room. It's worth saying, that you can give a small advantage to your opponent, but every one you give starts adding up, and when you are nearly even those advantages suddenly aren't so little anymore. Could Hagler afford to start slow and give away those early rounds to Leonard? A pound or two probably makes as much difference as the weight of the gloves, the size of the ring, or the name of the ref.

The reason we don't do same day weigh ins anymore is because in 1983 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad came in 2.5 pounds heavy against Michael Spinks and Spinks called the fight off. You'd think that might be an overreaction but just in recent history when Mayweather fought Marquez and came in 2 pounds heavy he was more like 20 pounds heavier on the fight night and bullied Marquez around.
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