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Default Re: how much difference does 1 pound make in boxing?

Originally Posted by MAG1965 View Post
in some fights it means everything. Hearns when he fought Leonard in 1981 was 145. Had he been 146, crazy as it sounds it might have given him the energy to make it to 15 rounds. I am not sure of it, but in situations like that it might mean a round or two. Even Hagler being 158 for Leonard in the rematch. A pound might have given him one or two more rounds.
Just about to mention SRL/Hearns, my son once asked me a similar question about 2LB's & whats the big deal. You are 6ft & trying to get down to a weight of a 5ft.4in man in the street weight then something has got to be sacrificed, no body fat = no ****ing fuel. He still said 2LB dont sound much, i was getting exasperated now + he'd come in from the boozer tanked up on Stelle Artois as well & becoming his usual lairy self, so i went into the kitchin & picked up a 2LB bag of sugar & threw it at the **** & he went down like a bag of ****

I recall the commentary stating that Hearns is DRY & under that heat from the TV lights as well, Hearns coming in at that 145 was dangerous, absolute **** up, totally spent, no fuel left in the engine, the body starts to consume muscle mass for fuel, all down hill then.
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