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Default Re: Is Ricky burns scared of Adrian broner?

No, I don't think Ricky Burns is scared of any challenge.

It really annoys me reading the negative **** about Burns.

By all means people are entitled to rate him and prefer other boxers, but to make out he is some sort of coward or that he will to choose to avoid Broner is nonsense and completely unfair IMO.

I don't know the guy personally, but I have been following boxing a long time now and have seen a alot of interviews and read alot of articles relating to boxers and Ricky Burns comes across as one of the most decent and honest there is.

He is the sort of pro that the game of boxing is about to me.

He doesn't bad mouth opponents, he keeps himself in tremendous shape, he conducts himself with dignity and he gives it his all in the ring.

All the **** there is in the sport, all the low lifes and cheats that poison it, Ricky Burns is one of the sports good guys.
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