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Default Re: Dislike for Ricky Hatton.

Never forget the night he was on the AL Murrey show just before the Mayweather fight & big Al was joshing about having no tickets & Ricky said "i'd love to get me hands on some of those & make a few quid. I wanted to stick my boot through the screen! I shouted out "You lying disingenuous ****! Yer Dad sold a stack to Preffered Tickets Agency in Vegas, carved every ****er up big time. Mayweather back then could'nt attract flies to **** & had about 4,000 attending his fights. MGM & Goldenboy said they were all sold outin 26 minutes, absolute ****! NO TICKETS WERE EVER PUT ON SALE!! They all went to yank ticket agencies & UK corparate hosting, along with special MGM packages in conjuction with punch promotions & Hatton knew that! Every ****er had to go & get scalped if they wanted a ticket! Fleeced his most loyal of fans!

I know this for an absolute fact as i'am well aquainted with the owner of the Las Vegas ticket Agency who just said "Com'on man" You now how it works!! The Wilderbeast are coming & we are the Lions! A quote from Punch Promotions over the phone was, we have no tickets left but we can get you some, what are you prepared to OFFER!!!.........****s.

I'm no fan of Hatton, just a fan of big fight night in vegas, i just felt so sorry for his fans who got rounded up like sheep & fleeced.
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