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Default Re: Klitschko could learn something from Cleverly

Originally Posted by Slyk View Post
Somehow this will not be enough for our slow brit**** friends. Making them see logic is like trying to teach a dog a new trick...

I have to be honest, I do find you amusing.

You claim you don't like Brits but pretty much your entire time here is spent making unfunny attempts to bait them in to arguments. Your attempts to hide your inferiority complex are hilarious.

Comeback with whatever lame **** you like, but the fact of the matter is you spend a large chunk of your time attention seeking. A group of people who you clearly crave some kind of interaction with - by pretending you dislike them. You're like the kid in school who acts mean to the girl you fancy That's cool.

Also, you're just pretty dumb - you can't even use a simple ****ogy properly you moron

'Like trying to teach a dog a trick' - the saying is teaching an OLD dog a new trick, with the key part being OLD.

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