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Default Re: British Trainers, how do they compare

Originally Posted by Dai View Post
British trainers seem to gloss over their fighters flaws, and as a result when they step up they often get exposed, because the Americans take one look at them, identify the flaws and exploit the hell out of it.
I think theirs only so much a trainer can do. Its easy to put the blame on them but the onus is on the Fighters and Managers also.

I truly believe what hurts British Fighters is that they stay in the UK far too long. When they should be doing the exact opposite. They should try to fight in other countries and hone their skills, learning different styles, fighting different types of fighters, etc. And this should be done early on in their careers.

Instead they are being spoonfed the same type of fighters over and over. That when they face a fighter outside the UK like US fighters. They get completely lost and have no idea what to do.

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