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Default Re: Broner> the overrated Valero

Originally Posted by gyll View Post
So...because Pac beat Hatton better than Mayweather did, that means Pac is better than Floyd? Your logic holds no weight.

Broner has good skills. But here are some things that makes Valero dangerous and serve as the right tools to knock Broner out: volume punching, underrated footwork, speed, power, heart, iron chin, good stamina, and probably his best asset: hunger.

You're not looking at Valero's talent. You're going by numbers or what you see in the record books and that's not always the whole story. Even before Broner became a champ any real boxing fan can see he has great talent. Valero was NOT one dimensional. He's not as polished or technically sound as Broner but he had what it took to knock anyone out. Pacquiao once had crude (but special) tools and look how far that got him.
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