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Default Re: Dislike for Ricky Hatton.

Originally Posted by trotter View Post
Funny thing is I met him at one of those events too, I was invited along by a supplier of mine. Days after the Lazcano fight, he still had the bruises.

I got a pic with him and asked him to sign a few bits and bobs for a guy I was with, who was going to sell them for charity (I didn't tell Hatton that) and he did it no questions asked, more than happy. And he signed loads for other people too.

Obviously I'm not questioning your version of events but it's just weird that he would do that stuff sometimes and not other times.

Maybe it was because it wasn't a 'Night with Ricky Hatton' show, he was on a charity night with various people involved (Bruno, McGuigan, Cooper etc)
Consider yerself very Fortunate that his agent Paul Speak was'nt hovering around, Yes it is just WEIRD that you never got asked to pay the 30 for a photo or 50 for a glove. As soon as hatton got back from Vegas after the pacquiao hammering he went straight on the show circuit for 4 nights a week, i think it was 20K a night.

After the Pacquiao debacle, the very next day he was poolside at the MGM, contracted of course to appear in the afternoon so as to suck in all the hatton fans so the MGM could grab their last $$$$ before they flew home. hatton got $12,000 for that afternoon sat in his roped off VIP cabana, now over the road staying at the Hooters cheap & cheerful dive, were all his most LOYAL devotee's.

They went under the handle of the "**** SHIRT" Brigade, it was something that Hatton started in Manchester & was a pub charity fundraiser. Now there was about 50 in this group who followed Ricky everywhere & what they wanted was for Ricky to judge this years "**** Shirt" compitition!!! HATTON could'nt spare just the one single ****ing HOUR to go over the 6 lane road & see his most loyal or diehard fans, he had to stay by the pool for the $12,000 ****ing dollars.

Absolute disgrace! I felt for that gang over in Hooters, eventually Richard T Slone, the official MGM/Ring magazine artist popped over to judge for them, he's english by the way & has lived in the states for 18 years. So you can consider yerself fortunate that you got something for nothing, i recall hatton saying that he will be glad when he dos'nt have to sign another ****ing glove!!! Some attitude THAT!!

What i saw of his signiture in Vegas when a yank asked him to sign a poster or a glove was a spoiled signiture!! truely shocking attitude to show to the fans that made him a very wealthy man, there yer go, thats life.
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