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Default Re: Dislike for Ricky Hatton.

Originally Posted by superman1692 View Post
Whether or not he ducked Witter, don't you feel he kind of made up for it by facing a prime Mayweather, and a prime Pacquiao?
Well no. And I must admit there's a slight air of Rick**** about you for even coming with that angle. Listen, a fight with Mayweather is like a lottery win to you and me. It's the pinnacle of a fighters career and brings with it the sort of paycheck that usually has 7 or 8 figures on it. Not to mention the hype, fame and publicity and star treatment that goes with it. So why would anyone turn that down? Who would not want that? And so having ***** or guts is nothing to do with it. In fact those are the safest fights imaginable really. Fight the p4p king be the underdog, get paid a fortune and nobody blames you if you lose. In fact you can't really lose. It's a win win situation.

Same applies for Pacquiao exept a rich Ricky didn't even actually want that fight, he was banking on Dela Hoya instead. He was forced into Pacquiao when Oscar unexpectedly lost. He'd thrown his name to far into the hat to back down from that one.

So to answer your question...No. He doesn't get a pass for fighting those two.
And another thing aswel, he lost both those fights by brutal KO, the pacquiao fight by total demolition. So why he seems to get more credit for that than any other victim of theirs il never ****ing know.
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