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Default Re: Jab. Circle away from the power hand. Jab. Why is that so hard, DeMarco?

Originally Posted by gyll View Post
His warrior heart took over his brain. Besides, that's not how he wins his fights. When someone is tagging you clean your instinct is to get him back but Demarco just couldn't penetrate Broner's defense. He did land a few straight lefts but Broner didn't even flinch. I kinda expected the beatdown. I just hope Demarco isn't ruined. He is still one of my favorites. He'll be fun to watch against anyone who will give him a chance to brawl. Broner did beat him at his own game but I think we can conclude Adrien is on a much different level than everyone else at 135.
It wasn't just a decision made after he got tagged. It's not like he got caught flush and decided to wade right in and get him back. He just sat in Broner's kitchen the entire goddamn fight, with little or no defense, often walking directly into the right hand. There was just a complete, fundamental lack of the most basic boxing strategy. He's either dumb or his trainer sucks or both.
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