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Default Re: Where's The Love For Brian Viloria? - Unified the WBO and WBA flyweight Titles.

Originally Posted by el mosquito View Post
I started liking Brian Viloria when he was rebuilding his career after losses to Sosa and Omar Nino Romero. Viloria first came out as an undefeated prospect. When he became world champ, everyone was on his nuts like he was the next Pacquiao. He enjoyed the attention and styled himself as a smooth counterpuncher with dynamite punches. His fighting style became too lazy. he only waited to counter and relied chiefly on his power to equalize the fight while his opponents outworked him all night.

The hype around him died with a string of losses to Romero and Sosa and his fanbase practically abandoned him. The superstar-in-the-making tag stripped off and no one wanted to promote him anymore. Even in the Philippines were major networks used to outbid each other to televise his fights, it came to a point when they barely mention his name in news for his comeback fights.

Then he reinvented himself. He fought in tents and undercards like most unknown journeymen. This man learned how to become a no-nonsense boxer at such a young age. When his second chance came against Solis, he did not fail. And when he lost to Tamara, he bounced back like it was nothing, just another day at the office. Viloria's history and his ability to pick himself up from defeat makes him one of my favorite fighters right now
good post! the tamara fight is a case where he punched himself out and he really needs to move-up in weight having to strain himself from making 108.
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