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Default Re: Could Froch be left with no one to fight?

Originally Posted by Nafflad26 View Post
Kessler beats Magee and then fights Ward
Ward fights Pavlik in Jan 2013 and then fights Kessler
Bute refuses the rematched
Abraham and Sauderland want nothing to with Froch after last time

Who else is there to fight once Froch beats Stevenson who is his mandatory?

I can't see him fight Groves or DeGale yet because they won't do anything for his record or legacy at the moment.

Does he move up to light heavy for a fight or two until Kessler or Ward become available/want the fight?

I can see him having to fight a couple more fringe operators if Ward and Kessler keep him waiting on a rematch.
U certainly live up to your user name. Silly thread.
Yeah like Kessler is going to fight ward for peanuts in america in a fight he will very likely lose again in a dull affair rather than a financial and artistic blockbuster with Froch.

And trust me all Bute wants is a rematch with Froch even if mentally he has demons.

Domestic challenges from a Groves or Degale and even barker, macklin etc are there so why the f move up to LH?
Martinez might be convinced to fight froch in the states if push came to shove
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