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Default Re: Froch vs Kessler rematch, who wins and how?

Originally Posted by Uncle Rico View Post
Kessler's face/skin won't hold up. He's not the same fighter anymore. I see Froch stopping him late on. Referee or corner jumping in.
Like Falcao face some weeks ago!

Can't say that Kessler is not the same fighter anymore.
In his last fight he KO'd Green in 4 rounds. (under 10 minutes)
Has anyone including Ward and Miranda done that before? NO!
Yes Glen did get him but Green was standing when the ref. called it off.

Then a lot thinks Kessler is weak now he has been on the floor.
a lot of champs like Ali,Ward, SRL, Calzaghe and ODLH have been down.

In the first fight Carl said after 6 rounds: "He is killing me to the body!".
He will say it again in the second fight.
Froch was also cut in the first fight remember...
First the nose and then over the left eye.

I see Kessler counter more in this one and it will do more damage on Froch then the first fight.
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