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Default Re: is Froch's resume really that great

You can say a lot of things about Froch - technically he's not exactly supreme, he lost to the two best fighters he faced, etc....

But the one thing you simply can't do is knock his opposition - he's fought literally everyone in his weight class worthy of mentioning.

Faced all his domestic rivals, a fair few international contenders and all available world level fighters during his time in the top 5 or so in the division.

It was only 7-8 months ago ''experts'' like Steve Bunce were saying he should fight a couple of bus drivers to build his confidence after the Ward defeat. Instead he wasted a man who Ward and Pavlik weren't all that keen on facing (why I don't know), and then took an OK-ish filler fight immediately afterwards whilst lining up more tough fights for 2013.

He's fought top fighters on a more consistent and basis than any other British fighter in recent times. Hatton and Calzaghe both fought their fair share of turds, Khan has fought a few, ditto Haye and the assortment of ''Allegedly world champions'' that Britain has had.
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