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Default Re: Did Folley take the fall against Ali?

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
I agree with Houdini. I don't back theories, if all official investigations clear a fight, its clear.

If Zora was taking a dive, it would have made more sense to just go, not fight extremely well. He gave Ali a nice match, and some difficulty.

Do I think he could have risen from the final knockdown? Yes. But most knockouts are a combination of hurting a fighter and breaking his spirit. It is possible, and indeed often necessary, to CONVINCE him to stay down. I find a consistent body attack to be the ticket, I'd imagine the sharp, quick, painful punches of Ali and his taunting style were his.
London, Blin, Foster and Coopman have all gone on record saying they stayed down to avoid taking more punishment. The same could possibly be said for Foreman and Moore as well.

Ali has few clean KO's for a fighter of his stature, but he could break a guy's spirit as well as anyone.
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