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Default Re: Froch vs Kessler rematch, who wins and how?

Originally Posted by WatchfortheHook View Post
Allan Green and Yusaf Mack are basically the same situation. They're 2 never champions who have been blown away and man-handled every time they've taken a step up (including against non champions like Andrade and Miranda).

Should Froch fans be giddy that Froch KO'd Mack in less than 9 minutes? Something no one has done before including guys with gaudy KO ratios in Andrade, Berrio, and Cloud?

Hardly anything to get amped about. But it does concern me that Kessler managed to see the canvas against Green.
I have to promote my man here so don't spoil it.
A lot is overrating Froch right now and Underrating Kessler.
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