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Originally Posted by buster007 View Post
u narcs haven't answered it because u r hypocrites.

i just don't get why u CRY BABIES r having a sook.

u don't like green.

u r not interested in watching him ( although u all do watch his fights, u just don't have the ***** to admit it ).

so why on earth would u care what weight, height, colour of their trunks, the ring entrance songs or whatever the **** else about his fights?
Green is poison to the sport, yet you guys are embarrassing yourselves here and acting like a school yard fight by claiming those criticize are just jealous, yeah good one mate, what's next? You and that other clown Swingin are just pitiful trying to even make the Briggs fight look good for Danny, win or lose, I hope Green ****s off for good after this.
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