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Default Re: Andrew Golota vs Wladimir Klitschko

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
Exactly. Golota WAS a headcase. Saying "If he wasn't crazy" is stupid. He was crazy. And he didn't have any heart.

I totally agree with you. Golota of Bowe II, with Lennox Lewis' brain and heart, has all the shot in the world. I'd actually probably pick him to win the fight.

He doesn't. He's the dumbest good fighter of his era, and he was as weak-willed a stud heavyweight as I have EVER seen.

He doesn't beat a true champion. No way. He was unlucky against Ruiz, but fact is, he found a way to lose that fight; He stopped fighting late, got horribly negative, and started getting hit hard and hit often.

Against Byrd, he struggled to keep his punches up, was easy to hit, and got frustrated enough to whiff a whole lot of air, probably the reason Byrd hung on to a draw.

Wlad is more formidable, powerful, and frustrating then either combined. If Andrew can't handle business, and he has a long, storied history of not handling business, against the best fighters he's fought, he wouldn't beat a guy who would be the second best fighter he'd have EVER fought(Behind Lewis, just ahead of a faded Tyson).
In fairness though, 1996 Golota would have easily beaten 2004 versions of Byrd and Ruiz. Golota's left hand was shot after the accident he had following the Grant fight, and his jab (his #1 weapon) was never the same.

So a past-prime permanently injured Golota was competitive against Byrd and Ruiz. I personally had him beating Byrd 116-112, and beating Ruiz 114-112. I have no doubts, none whatsoever, that '96 Golota dominates Byrd and stops Ruiz early.
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