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Default Re: Broner needs to move up in weight to 140

He's had 1 fight at LW!!! ****ing morons!

i love how haters like this guy who wasn't gonna give broner credit no matter what are now asking for him to move to 140 when he's had 1 fight at LW!! They saw that there's no one that can **** with him at LW and they hate so hard that they need to put their hopes in dudes in a division higher. Broners only 5'7 he ain't some massive muther****er, he had absolutely no trouble making 135, if you make weight with ease then there's no need to move anywhere when you're 23, if you make weight with ease that's your ****ing weight's not like he's pulling some ***** ass Brandon Rios **** where he continues trying to fight at LW several fights after realizing he can't make weight comfortably. DLH and PBF didn't even do that and they're ATG's. And DLH was far bigger than Broner. They both had several fights at LW before going to 140. You're just a hater who will never give Broner credit, if he moved to 140 and whupped Matthsse you'd say he has to go to 147 to beat the top dog there. Goof ass poster.

And Broner doesn't have big power? well I guess Valero didn't either then cause he took longer to do the job with more punches and aggression and Broner visible rocked Demarco more, put more damage on him and actually KD'd him.
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