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Default Re: Andrew Golota vs Wladimir Klitschko

Originally Posted by KidDynamite View Post
Golota isn't stupid in the conventional way ... he doesn't have inferior intellect or low IQ, dude just seems to panic and find a way to mess up ... maybe its something subconscious ... probably stemming from how rough his upbringing was and he reverts back to fouling and quitting when his opponent refuses to fall ...

Seems like an anxiety disorder and low self confidence ... him quitting the Grant fight was the best display of this ...
He is not a stupid man, but inside the ring he suffered from mental weakness.

When I did the Heavyweight History series with Emanuel Steward, I asked him a question about Golota. And as it much as it pains me, Steward was correct.

Here was the question:

Q: Andrew Golota is a good example of an A-level talent who never amounted to becoming an A-level fighter. Would someone like Golota have had more success if he had fought in a different era?

A: I don’t think Golota would have been any different in any era. Golota was not a winner inside, and champions are made inside. All of the heavyweights champions that we have mentioned, when we were talking about with Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali, Marciano—they were strong tough guys. To give an example, once we talked about Marciano. Fights where he was knocked down, his two greatest victories were (Archie) Moore and with (Jersey Joe) Walcott coming off the floor, those type of efforts. Champions are made inside, and Golota was a loser.

I saw him winning a fight when I was doing the broadcast with Michael Grant and he just quit because it got to be rough, and with (Rid****) Bowe. He really just quit. He purposefully threw low blows it looked like just to get disqualified almost, and with Mike Tyson, in the fight Mike was doing his best and after about three rounds before Mike’s like I guess getting tired or whatever, and I remember he went back to his corner and when his trainer jumped in his corner and took his mouthpiece out he said, ‘You ought to keep this because I don’t need it, because I’m going to the dressing room’, and he just left! He just walked out, but he was a quitter. He wouldn’t have held up in any era with anybody because as soon as the heat got on him, even if he was winning a fight, I knew he would quit.
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