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Default Re: is Froch's resume really that great

Originally Posted by TIGEREDGE View Post
imn sick of people saying thats its great and hes fought great fighter after great fighter. like hes got the resume of a ray leonard, dela hoya, tommy hearns

imn sick of this froch being a modern great

theres only one potentially great fighter (ward) and he got comprehensively beaten

there mostly good/ok fighters. kessler and dirrell it can be said were very good and he arguable lost to both

we dont know how good bute is. arthur abrham was decent at best he did nothohng of distinction. a still good taylor was beating him clearly.

glenn johnson had seen better days and was coming down in weight. froch struggled with him

pascal is a really strong good fighter who froch deserves a lot of credit for outslugging in 2008. if hopkins hadnt of schooled him last year we may be giving carl more credit for that win

imn no froch hater. hes been great for boxing. the win over bute was a great performance but that and the facts hes fought all the top super middles of his generation doesnt make him him great

if some of the guys he beat were outstanding/potential greats i would say an argument could be made but we use the word great too much nowadays especially in boxing because the standards have lowered

froch still has time to enhance himself. he stil looks like hes improving as a fighter. but please stop insulting boxing history by saying hes great
Agreed you cannot place his resume in the same sentence as that of Leanord, DLH etc. But the fact is he has fought everyone of any substance in the SMW division...Elite level, contenders, world champions, everyone.

Never once has he ducked a fight and is always pushing for the best fight available, sure his resume doesn't match up to the above due to the available competition not being as high a level. But the proof is in the pudding he is a true champion and in boxing today they are few and far between.

If every fighter has Frochs mentality and attitude boxing would be in a better place
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