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Default Re: Floyd or Duran - Most skilled?

Originally Posted by tliang1000 View Post
No Floyd does not have a SRL on his resume but still he fought more big names than Duran, not to mention Floyd more accomplished.

On the flip side of the coin. Floyd would never lose to a level B fighter either. You should name the good as well as the bad.

FYI SRL fought the wrong fight against Duran in their first outing.
FYI you know **** ALL

FYI you muppet SRL has always fought that way & why should'nt he, BIGGER/STRONGER/FASTER/YOUNGER & he still got outboxed + don't you think that someone with the ring IQ of Leonard would'nt have a plan B, Out of his own mouth came the words "I tried everything" But Duran was always one step ahead of me

You say Floyd has fought more big names when was the last time that **** fought a live opponant who was'nt on the downside or from lower weights or just plain brain damaged like Ortiz Squeaks past an old man in DLH then legs it! Fights WBU-B level Hatton, drags counterpuncher Marquez up from Lightweight, Baldimir who could'nt outsprint a bag of cement! Gatti!! Washed up punchbag pug! Cotto! Never the same fighter after those 2 hammerings at the hands of Margo & Pacman. WOW what a resume.

You ever heard of Marvin Hagler you mug! Wilfred Benitez! Carlos Palomino! this is just 3 he took on 2 & 4 weights above his natural weight & pushing 30 & 33 years of age, he took on the monster Hagler at 32 who SRL & Hearns wanted no part of for obvious health reasons. Duran DUCKED NO ONE & FOUGHT EVERYONE put in front of him regardless of the handicap of age & weight, whilst your girl Floyd has created a whole new lexicon to get out of any possible danger, stating Vacation! Health! No Interest! Tests! Give me ALL the MONEY! Now **** off back to the MMA forum.
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