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Default Re: Floyd or Duran - Most skilled?

Originally Posted by tliang1000 View Post
You've list a lot of B level fighters as big names. William Joppy? Vinnie Paz, Robbie sim? Nino Gonazlez. Joesph Ns.

Thats like chop chop corely, angel manfreddy, Gatti level.

You talk as if Floyd isn't close to being over the hill. Go watch PBF and then watch Money and tell me if there isn't a drastic change.

Still Floyd still can find a way to dominate guys at age 36 and beat guys younger and bigger. Why? use ur brain. And he will continue to win like that for several more years. Maybe not against the young elites in a couple more years but he'll still whoop the young B levels.

As for SRL, He fought Duran Flat footed, thinking he can slug it out with Duran even though SRL is more than capable to get on his bike.
If that was truly the case, Duran likely gets KO'ed. Leonard was just outskilled, on about every level and front. He found Duran almost impossible to land on clean with any type of consistentcy and was buckled several times by sharp, accurate counter shots without Duran even needing to get inside.
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