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Default Re: Andrew Golota vs Wladimir Klitschko

Golota doesn't get a chance here because Wlad is rated to highly. I dont rate the guy. He has big power in his right hand ,an average jab but has huge weakness. Even by his own admission he's not a natural fighter. He has beaten nobody to prove he is as unstoppable as he's made out to be.

Early 2000's Golota was still elusive enough and had the upper body movement to dodge and parry Wlads straight hands to get close. Wlad was not as sharp back then. He gets on his bike and Golota gains the confidence to close him down. Golota was also not stupid enough to be anywhere near the path of Wlads right. Golota drives hims him to the ropes where Wlad has no answer or he gets stopped trying.

Wlad might easily win on paper but thats not the way it works. Golota has more tools and ways to beat Wlad than vice a versa.

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