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Default Re: Thoughts on Bellew after last night. Is he ready for the elite?

Originally Posted by Tony Bellew View Post
All I said in Spanish was the word PAIN! I wanted him to come and have a fight not run all night like he did! I'm not weight drained at all! Weight drained people don't get up from knockdowns, weight drained people don't do 12 rounds and throw 800 punches, weight drained people don't eat on the day of weigh ins and weight drained people usually dry out which is something I refuse to do! What you see is what you get with me it's that simple..

I'll be back in a ring sooner than people think and I WILL win a world title in the end! I'm so determined and will do what needs doing! Time will tell! One thing is for sure, I'm only looking to fight guys that are gonna get me that world title shot..

Thanks to all on ESB for your support as always
If i wanted to be 168 pounds, i could be 168 pounds and not have to dry out. All i need to do, is restrict my calorie intake/micro nutrients. This is where i think you are at, so even though you might not have to weight drain before weigh in's..? You are basically just slowly suffocating your body to stay at a unnatural weight, which in the long term can do damage to the body? due to the high intensity's you train at.

When Bernard Hopkins moved up to 175, he did not have to body build to get to that weight..? he just started to eat more naturally and instinctively, Manny Stewart stated he would of been a light heavyweight years before he moved up, but due to his dieting & restriction he held out at 160 for as long as possible.

If you feel like you are a 100% capacity at 175, f airplay! The reason why you get up from knock-downs is for me, due to your natural toughness, i referenced to that in my earlier post.

I think at CW you will be physical stronger, and who knows how it will affect your performance..? Plus 175 is **** division anyway, the CW division has allot of raw material to market, afew years back it was belonging to take off with the Hayemaker affect.

It can rise again.

But i suppose you are doing what you have to do, and it has been a way of life for many boxers past and present.
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