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Default Re: Is it feasible to rank Wills over Dempsey in an ATG list?

Originally Posted by HOUDINI View Post
Once again...there is a huge difference between speculating that Wills could beat Dempsey but quite another that experts at that time actually felt Wills had a chance. Arcel did not think so, Fleischer did not think so, Tunney did not think so, Sharkey did not think so, Greb did not think so. One man who knew Wills better than anyone in the ring was Langford. Langford did not think Wills could beat Dempsey either. Langford stated that Dempsey was the greatest hwt he had ever seen. Anyway the list is endless of the experts of that time who felt Wills had little chance. Now you can all speculate that he could and that's fine but as mentioned there is a huge difference in this case between speculating he could win vs what the general expert opinion was at that time.
* Dempsey thought Wills would beat him though
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