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Originally Posted by Sox View Post
Say what Stiffy? I'm just as surprised that you don't get it.

Francis and others claim Green is forcing it, when in reality Green is doing nothing of the sort, he's making incentives.

The opponents either agree to it or not. If they agree, who are we to question it?
It's that simple.
I think in Greens case it's laughable considering how he whined on and on about being weight drained against Mundine. Not until after he retired mind you. I can see your point it's their choice I guess I am just sick of the IBO/Green show and the whole champions of Integrity,Computerised rankings/money under the table incentives Dannyweight ****.
You just know after he beats the weight drained Cameron he will be all over the T.V with his **** eating grin and saying how he's humbled to be the first Australian 4 time champion.
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