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Originally Posted by Leftsmash View Post
Green is poison to the sport, yet you guys are embarrassing yourselves here and acting like a school yard fight by claiming those criticize are just jealous, yeah good one mate, what's next? You and that other clown Swingin are just pitiful trying to even make the Briggs fight look good for Danny, win or lose, I hope Green ****s off for good after this.
Ignore this idiot Leftsmash he is a joke,he gives Green a free pass for doing this **** making a joke of the sport and if you say anything against it your a jealous hater. Alot of Green fans have become like alot of Mundine fans.'' YOU ARE JEALOUS BECAUSE DANNYS RICH AND FAMOUS '' the only difference is the Mundine whiners will sometimes accuse you of racism if you criticize him.
Unfortunately he won't **** off he's not silly as long as he can get the IBO to sanction any farce and he can get 5000 and over fans plus whatever PPV's to fight bums like the Santiago's of the world why would he?
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