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=Bummy Davis;14235387]I have him in my top 10 but I can not overlook the fact that he avoided all the co-champs in his era and unlike the ATG's he never rematch a tough or disputed fight. I can give him a pass for 1-or 2 but there were just too many instances that he avoided a fight he perceived as tough and I have to TAX his legacy because of it. He fought a lot of 10 fight, 13 fight 14 fight and 15-16 fight guys who were green...Its funny how a double standard is used against Dempsey for not fighting Wills and Greb while Larry missed Tate,Dokes,Weaver,Coetzee,Page and Thomas and he even gave up a title not to fight Page who was more cold than he was hot.
Um... Bummy.. The thread is about how "fast" the dude was. Not our views of his legacy as a champion.
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