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Default Re: Haha Andre Ward clowning froch on twitter

Originally Posted by PaulieMc View Post
Yeah, Ward was gassed for the final few rounds which allowed Froch to just nick a couple of rounds on my scorecard. He even looked up at the clock at one point as well, he just wanted the fight over with. That could be a potential weakness there, his stamina. Or maybe you're right, he knew he'd done more than enough to win and so he decided to just coast home.
He had a broken hand.

Lets not start this mythical stamina bull****.

"I thought Froch was going to break him down".....before the fight.

Technically i just think Froch neglected his jab, and going to the body. These are the only things he can do, up against somebody on the technical power level of Andre Ward.

There's no point in Froch trying to land, combinations to the head on Ward..? He's too black and slick.

What we needed from Carl Froch was some old school blunt force trauma.

Arms, body, hips, you name it! Lets break this guy down, and then bring the shots up from underneath on the inside.

And physically abuse him.
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