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Talking i enjoyed watching paul williams beating that cheating margarito's ass

it was nicely staged, i liked the stadium atmosphere, must of been great to be there. i recently started watching boxing around that time and actually anaylsing.

margarito could of easily been packing them secret x wraps then, but still paul williams was just too legit to quit. margarito started to land later in the fight too.

was a nice fight, some nice clean shots from both fighters

margarito was as 'prime' as you can get aswell, gave a good fight, but he was fight a 'prime' punisher who many fighters seem to pretend he wasnt there and ducked

how about fighting the punisher....."his 6'4 mufa fuka" "he lives to far away" "paul who" "maybe down the line will be bigger and better" that kinda ****

but yeah good fight.

paul williams, hope you get 100% again, im still thinking of ya

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