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Default Re: Thoughts on Bellew after last night. Is he ready for the elite?

Originally Posted by Tony Bellew View Post
All I said in Spanish was the word PAIN! I wanted him to come and have a fight not run all night like he did! I'm not weight drained at all! Weight drained people don't get up from knockdowns, weight drained people don't do 12 rounds and throw 800 punches, weight drained people don't eat on the day of weigh ins and weight drained people usually dry out which is something I refuse to do! What you see is what you get with me it's that simple..

I'll be back in a ring sooner than people think and I WILL win a world title in the end! I'm so determined and will do what needs doing! Time will tell! One thing is for sure, I'm only looking to fight guys that are gonna get me that world title shot..

Thanks to all on ESB for your support as always
aah right Tony, I did google it when I heard you mention it, but I wasnt sure I was spelling what you said right fair play for getting back & explaining, much appreciated Maybe I was being a bit over the top about your attitude, its just that you normally have a twinkle in your eye during the build up, loveable rouge style. It seemed to be missing a bit this time, you were all wild eyed seriousness & I was worrying that you were maybe getting a bit big-headed, what with all the star treatment you are receiving from SKY & hanging about with ole big head himself Carl Froch

Im not buying that you arent weight drained though!

You are a mentally strong fella with a winners mindset, & a fanatical trainer, that IMO is why you are getting away with dragging your body down so much, but its just my honest opinion that your pushing yourself too far. Honestly, my mate phoned me & said "Dunky, did you see Bellew at the weigh in? Hes looking drained" & I said, I agree, hes looking the most drained I have seen him" & thats the truth. IMO you werent even looking like yourself, you looked like you could pass for 15 years old IMO!

Then in the fight you didnt have your normal speed, & got an awful cut when the lad landed nothing more than a decent left hook which didnt even phase you. You could see that you were shocked to find the blood dripping, & shocked at the end when you saw the cut, & no wonder, but thats the cuts you get when you are dried out Tony!

Listen, Its just constructive criticism from me cos I genuinelly believe the weight making is affecting you slowly but surely, but its just my opinion.
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