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Default Re: Thoughts on Bellew after last night. Is he ready for the elite?

Originally Posted by airdrie diamond View Post
He's still more likeable than Scott Harrison is Dunky. No matter what he's done you've stood by him. Maybe being a bit harsh to Tony in that respect.
I hear you AD my good man.

I was only having a moan though cos Bellew normally has that twinkle in his eye cheeky chappie style in the build up, but I thought he was insulting the argie & threatening to execute him, just wasnt normal Bellew behaviour. Hes better than being the angry arrogant guy IMO.

Froch is the same, he seems more angry & arrogant nowadays also. If I was a school teacher & Froch & bellew were in the same class, I would ban Froch & Bellew hanging around together, & write on their report cards 'They are a bad influence on each other' the Froch one keeps telling other kids in the class that they will feel the wrath of the Cobra, while the Bellew lad threateningly whispers spanish insults into their ear at the same time

So mr & mrs Froch & Bellew, I have been left with no other option than to seat them at different tables at opposite ends of the class.
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