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Default Re: Broner officially cracks P4P. Ahead of Froch!

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
Froch? The guy who should've lost a decision to Dirrell? The guy who got beaten by past it Kessler? The guy who got shut out by Andre Ward? All at super middle? How could Froch be considered on a pound for pound list when he's not even close to being number one in his own weight division?
I ain't gonna call you names, you can have an opinion. But its time to come down from having your head in the clouds..Kessler you say was passed it so in that case Wards victory over him is meaningless. Froch beat Dirrell, Deal with it. And he has by far better fighters on his resume than Broner.. And you then heave the ***** to say he is not even close to being #1 in his own Division lmao When he is Ranked #1 below the Champion Ward
Keep hating on British fighters if you like but it shows that, that is all it is.. NO FACTS just pure spitefull BILE
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