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Default Re: What if Tyson beat Douglas?

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
If he'd have lost in an epic, competitive battle, I agree.

I think Holyfield would have made it even worse and more one-sided then Douglas, if Tyson bailed his night out with that uppercut.

Tyson wasn't mature enough to look at that fight and go, Wow, that was close, I better buck up. He just wasn't a very bright, considerate fighter. The actual loss was good for him; It beat back the myth of his own power in his own mind for just a bit longer(Douglas got up!), and it gave him hunger and something to fight for. It also encouraged him to make quite a few staff changes that were all for the better; Had he escaped Tokyo with the W, he might have not bothered.

This is very true, and I commented on the need to get rid of men like Bright, Snowel and Halloway in an earlier post. The Douglas defeat resulted in the hiring of former Holmes' trainer rich Giachetti, who I think lit a fire beneath Mike's ass for at least a brief period.
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