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Default Re: Pavlik Ward signed

Originally Posted by WatchfortheHook View Post
Well, some of that "hasn't looked hungry" factor is that I would imagine it is hard to get motivated to fight the Scott Sigmons and Alfonso Lopez's of the world when you were once a top guy who still has some ability left.

I wouldn't send him straight to Ward either. Going from Rosinsky to Ward is a big jump and Ward might be the best fighter Pavlik has faced (though maybe not the biggest uphill battle in a sense, Hopkins was about 185 on fight night while Pavlik was around 172 making the beating that much more ugly. Ward will probably be smaller than Pavlik on fight night, 176 I'd guess to Pavlik's 180). Not saying that Ward is better than Hopkins in an all-time sense, but that at 28 he's probably better than a 43 year old Hopkins. Maybe Pavlik's team views this as a no-lose proposition. If Ward owns him, well, it was supposed to happen and Pavlik would have several respectable siblings in that department. The flip side of the coin is if Pavlik pulls off the miracle upset, then he hit the jackpot.

The only real problem I have with the fight basically coincides with what I said above. If the fight goes according to plan (10-2 Ward or worse), then the fight proves nothing. We have no idea where to put Pavlik in the mass of "other" SMWs.

EDIT: Pavlik Andrade would have been fun in 2007-2008, and I really wish Pavlik went to SMW THEN , but now Andrade is totally and completely shot.
See the bold? You are dead wrong bro. I have spent a ****load of time watching Ward over the last month, and Andre WArd is NOT as good as Sergio, nor does he present the same level of stylistic difficulty. Furthermore, the night Hopkins beat Pavlik, Kelly should have been at home in his sick bed, and, if BHop gets a 10 for that performance, Ward gets an 8 on the best night he ever had.
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