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Default Re: What would Mayweather have done to Demarco?

Originally Posted by kimonerz View Post
the only thing i would give Broner over Mayweather is his size advantage when they were in the 130s to 135. Mayweather walked around probably 140s at that time. Broner walks around at 150s (as previously stated to Robert Guerrero)

Other than that Mayweather has better defense, overall better offensive strategy, speed, pop, agility, more perfected moves (leaping left hook, straight right hands that come from a mile away and they still hit you, Broner has left hooks and right hands but it isn't the same as Floyds. His hook and straight come more from his power and size), in other words i feel like mayweather was the complete package.

Broner walked demarco down because of his size and strength. Broner obviously has a lot of skills, some do match up to floyd, but Floyd has more in his aresenal.

Floyd would've picked demarco apart, running circles on him while Demarco gets his head popped back and while Mayweather rips him with leaping left hooks. I could see mayweather also doubling up the left hook from the head to the body catching him with a lot of shots.

TKO before 8 for mayweather.
I really can't say it better myself. Same as Smoak's comment. Demarco could have rated more than Manfreddy win but he chose the wrong fight and make Broner's job a lot easier.

I like and respect broner but people really have forgotten have crazy good floyd was below 140.
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