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Default Re: Andrew Golota vs Wladimir Klitschko

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
This is eary 2000's Wlad i was referring to and he falls apart under pressure.
Byrd and Bowe were tagging him with shots from angles. Uppercuts, countered hooks etc.
Golota fares better with Wlads 1-2.
I'm not so sure that mattered with Golota. He was tagged by plenty of straight rights in his career. He once had pretty good head and upper body movement, but with his style he was there to be hit.

If it was 1996 Golota versus pre-Steward Wladimir, the first guy who lands something big would have a good chance of winning the fight, and that would be established (probably) by who controlled the measured battle of the jabs from the onset.

In the long haul, over all, Wlad's jab is more proven than Golota's when it comes to consistency and longevity. But Golota of 1995-96 had a fabulous jab of his own, and may have been more aggressive and less measured with his than Wladimir.

Even with the best Golota versus a greener Wlad, I still cannot put too much faith in Andrew. Have to favor Wlad, even in that scenario.
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