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Originally Posted by Francis75 View Post
Yeah and notice how Greeny states that he is the one who is disadvantaged.
He said that Cameron is a monster , sooked about asking people if they wanted him to tie his hand behind his back of chop off one foot, the same guy who rekons he could have defeated Brock Lesnar and Evander Holyfeild is now having a winge about shane cameron and how big he is, in reality all he is doing is trying to justify to everyone why he is cheating and putting in these stipulations within the contract. problem is he has done this on MULTIPLE occasions so his story about Cameron being a monster dont fit, not to mention its for a CW title, if he cant fight at the CW limit he should pack it in and not manipulate the sport in the process.

I just hope Cameron fcks him up but i doubt it very much, the guy has lost to much weight in such a short period of time, you cant do that to your body without having negative affects come fight night.
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