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Default Re: Broner officially cracks P4P. Ahead of Froch!

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
Are you ****ing stupid? Go back and read your posts and make the connection regarding Kessler if you can
I'm not a Brit hater you ****ing moron, you're obviously the one trying to make it about nationality, I just call it how I see it.
Look at Khan and how all his weight is on the front foot, look at how his head hangs forward... that's why he gets knocked out, his terrible posture and balance.
So to conclude.. you're ****ing stupid in general, you're patriotic/racist and you don't know **** about boxing. I'm done talking to you
Khan does not fight with his weight on his front foot you dumb idiot, he got caught in the Garcia fight that way big whoop. If Khan was as bad as you portray ( Brit Hater ) how the **** has he beaten the fighters he has.
You call it how you see it through tinted glasses.
And as I proved YOU are the one who said about Kessler being Past it then ****ing deny it lmao who is the stupid moron?? YOU...
Now get the **** out of here you Brit hater... come back to me when you have a shred of knowledge about British fighters.. Khans head hangs forward LMAO you are a re****
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