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Default Re: This... is my training log

Back to the gym this week! Arrived late, so I only ran about 5 minutes.
(30 second rounds)
30 Rounds of Crates
30 Rounds of Reaching for the goals
13 Rounds of Rapidfires
8 Rounds of Shoeshines
4 Rounds of 1-2's
4Rounds of 1-2-hooks
2 Rounds of Hard Crazy Bodyshots!

3 Minutes of Reaching for the goals
3 minutes of Mountain Climbers
3 Sets of 15 Pushups

3 Sets of 30 Scissors
3 Sets of 20 in-and-outs
3 Sets of 20 High Leg Situps



I'm sparring sometime next week. Some dude with a blowout. Awesome.
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