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Default Re: How good was Sultan Ibragimov

He was a very solid B-level fighter. He didn't lack for any of the major physical categories, power, speed, chin, etc. And he had good, well-rounded technical ability, like you'd expect from his amateur background. Volo's win over him probably gets underrated for sheer low entertainment value of their fight together, but it was a dominant win over a very good fighter. When I say B-level, I mean as far as championship names are concerns. Historically B-level-which is meant as a compliment. He was an A-level for his own division at the time, obviously. I consider him perfectly in the league of Chagaev, Povetkin, Haye, Chambers, etc, at heavyweight. But, I was very disappointed not to see the Chagaev fight. I think we missed out on a very interesting match-up, there. I really do. I think he could've had some good ones if he'd stuck around, also. Valuev, Thompson, Chambers, Adamek, Fury, Boytsov, Povetkin. They all would've been interesting, to me.
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