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Default Re: George Foreman best bareknuckle fighter ever ?

Originally Posted by rusak View Post
Bull****. You really should be ashamed of yourself, you disgraceful nuthugger. A grown man talking like this... "Human wrecking ball...!" Nope. Gregorio Peralta knew better. Peralta took Foreman's best shots without wincing. Where was the "KO power in every punch" against former light heavyweight Peralta?
I've had a look at a few of your posts and you seem to get really steamed at people for little to no reason.

Houdini thinks George was powerful and tough?

Well newsflash mate plenty of others do (including the 60+ blokes he KTFO probably). So what if he didn't put Peralta away first time round plenty of other fighters have distance fights on their resume that on paper they should've won by KO too, it doesn't mean they can't punch. And if you bother to avail yourself of the facts you'll see that Peralta had 3 stoppage losses in 116 fights, the guy was obviously durable.

George was about 18 pounds heavier than Peralta also so it's hardly a David vs Goliath clash either considering George was very inexperienced at that point. Both Klit's and Lewis had guys at bigger weight disadvantages than that take them the distance too, does that mean these modern day behomeths couldn't fight or punch too?

So if you're a grown man yourself (you sound like a petulant, know it all punk kid in your posts) why don't you act like one and state your argument/opinion instead of automatically attacking others. We've all flown off the handle at times but it gets tired and annoying quick when you do it all the ****ing time.
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