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Default Re: Cameron looking weight drained already - photo

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
He will feel the affects about round 3 onwards, perhaps even sooner. You cant drop 2kg over night before a fight and expect to have the same performance you did prior to droping that much weight in such a short period of time.

Studys have shown that the ideal amount of weight to drop and not have an affect on ones performance is about 1kg per week.\

I thought it was also un-Australian of Green to rub it in and brag about him eating pancakes, fruit juice and coffee before the weigh in. If he isnt a CW he shouldnt be fighting at CW, not to mention he does NOT hold the title, he should not be allowed to make these demands with the blessing of the IBO. The IBO is VERY complacant in allowing Danny to make his own rules. What the IBO dont realise is that they have just allowed Danny to turn them into a bigger joke than they already are.
It's called banter you knob. WTF lighten up
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