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Default Re: Amateur Club set up ideas/ suggestions

really think long and hard about this before you commit to it.

what is your intention for this? have a profitable gym? turn out amateurs?

if it is to develop an amateur team I suggest you start looking at local rec centers in your neighborhood that might have the facilities but no coaches. start there and possibly get paid for it as an employee.

if it is for profit, are you presently making so much from your personal training that you may as well put money into your own place instead of "renting" space at another gym? most people i know with gyms have super big hearts that want to help people but don't make a lot of money at it.

if you're really thinking about this then here's my suggestion for a solid schedule:

6am rec class
7am rec class
11am-1pm open gym
2pm pros
4pm boxing skills n drills
5pm boxing conditioning
6pm boxing skills n drills
7pm boxing conditioning

the beauty of the 4-8pm alternating slots is that someone can come in at either 4, 5, or 6pm, stay for 2 hours and get both conditioning and skill development, or pick and choose which one hour class will be best for them on any given day. you could do the above schedule on mon, wed, fri and leave more available slots to train private clients on tues, thurs, sat, sun + after 8pm on all days.

this class system also gives you the opportunity to have a whole cycle of revenue tiers (ex. private=$100; unlimited classes=$125/mo; 1private + unlimited classes = $200 with a recurring contract/auto pay)

for sure get auto payments! most gyms make over 60% of their income from people who never show up. it's just part of the game. i was talking to an mma gym manager the other day that says only 6% of their clients use the gym. that means 94% are paying for the other 6% to have a facility to workout in. crazy!

there are a lot of good books out there about gym management ( and search for everything you can about running a martial arts gym for profit. they know how to make money way better than most boxing gyms do.

good luck!
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