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Default Re: The "Whine About Mayweather/Pacquiao" Express!!!!!!

Also, Vargas was caught ONE time. His trainer/nutritionist that he hired for the DLH fight was later arrested if I stand correct. They found steroids in his home or some ****. Every single fight Vargas was in EXCEPT the DLH fight, his body looked the same. When he fought DLH everyone thought he looked good physically. But it was only because the steroids he was on made his body cut. After that fight he went back to looking the way he always did.

In short, he was either tricked into taking them (which I believe because he stated he was taking oral supplements from his dirty hired trainer) OR he found ways to take PED's without getting caught with the exclusion of the DLH fight.

Yeah, I will go with the former.

And according to this new info Mayweather was caught 3 times. LOL.

We're not talking about Vargas anymore. This thread is about Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vargas retired like, 6 years ago.
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